Thursday, May 19, 2011


I haven't blogged for so long I've almost forgotten how... so here goes...

In April we went to Rocky Point, Mexico with Nathan, Jennifer, Shelbi, Harlee, Dax and Trexton. Steve and Velda Wiltbank, (Jen's parents) and her two brothers, Ryan and Tristan joined the fun. I'd never been to Mexico and so this was all new to me. I was really nervous, considering all the news we receive concerning the violence in Mexico. Nate assured me that I'd be safe and sure enough all went well. We had a wonderful time, perfect weather and as you can see, an almost private beach. Thanks so much, Nate and Jen for inviting us. We sure all had a terrific time! And yes, I'd go again... soon!

Steve and Colleen

The Nicoll's

Shelbi, Dax, Trex and Harlee

Nathan, Shelbi, Dax, Trex, Harlee, Jen

Nate and Jen

Nate and Jen

The "OLD FOLKS" Stephen and Colleen, Velda and Steve

The Wiltbank's


Where's Ryan?

The "grandmothers" at sea.

This is the house all 12 of us stayed.

Dax and Trex



Dax and Trexton

Shelbi and Harlee

Grammie, Shelbi, Harlee, Dax and Trex

On the beach, searching for "creatures".

Nathan, Dax and Trex checking out the octopus.

Nathan found a baby octopus.


Nathan with a baby octopus.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Danny boy turns 28 and Dax and Trex turn 2!


Daniel is twenty-eight today! I found these pictures and just knew I needed to post them to let you all see what a cute little boy he was! (and still is) Nathan and Linde thought he was the best present ever when we brought him home from the hospital. He was a happy and busy little boy and always had a big smile for everyone. He loved to tag his Dad and Grampa Nicoll all over the place. So, Daniel, (or as Dad says...DANNY BOY) Happy Birthday! We loved you then and we love you even more now! Thanks for being such a wonderful son, have a great day!


The twins are two today! What fun they are and such cute little boys! We love hearing about what they've been up to. I can't believe that two years have passed. I must say it does make me giggle to see Nate try to keep his eye(s) on them! Happy Birthday Dax and Trex, love you soooo much!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


For all of you pork lovers out there... That's what it's called... the "BACON EXPLOSION". Steve was watching TV one night and decided to try out a website and recipe offered. On Saturday we took a little drive to Pinetop in order to find "homemade Italian sausage". (all this in preparation for the Super Bowl, of course) This really is an amazing recipe and well worth trying. Steve is getting to be quite the gourmet chef! Now he does turkey, omlets and the bacon explosion. The bacon weave was amazing. It really looks too pretty to eat. This can be done on the grill or in the oven. To get the recipe go to and scroll down just a little ways. Use whatever seasoning and sauce you like, it's guaranteed to be yummy. very, very filling.One must be a pork lover and willing to learn to weave bacon.

the bacon weave covered with bbq sauce

getting ready to wrap the weave around sausage roll

almost ready for the oven

not only one, but TWO

He's so proud of himself! Who ever thought in a millions years that I'd get a picture of him in the kitchen!

finished product

YUMMY! Kooper having a little sample.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Just a few shots of Christmas 2008. I think I was too busy to get many pictures but here are a few. Nate, Jen and family and Dan, Chelsee and Camdyn were here with us Christmas morning, along with Tim and Tori, Kevin and Amanda. Linde, Luke and the kids spent Christmas in Flagstaff and then moved in with us on Friday. What a busy time! Our house is full now and more fun than ever. I mentioned to a friend that it felt like the house had a "heartbeat" again!! I am loving every minute and are so happy to have Linde. Luke and their family here with us. They are in the process of finding house plans, etc. so Steve can get them a house built. We are thankful that Luke's job is letting him transfer here and work out of this area. Kooper is a constant source of entertainment for us! We wonder now how empty our days must have been without his funny antics! So, life has changed but it is good and I am loving every minute. (and I sleep very well at night) :) Life is good!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


  • We had a "White Christmas" and it sure was fun! Santa brought Grampa a little red sled just the right size for the grandkids. Camdyn sure enjoyed it, almost as much as Grammie, her Dad and Amanda did. What fun we had pulling her and just enjoying one another. Steve and Kevin took off on the Prowler and we wondered if they'd ever been seen again. Here are some of our pictures in the snow. I'm not sure who had more fun, Amanda or Camdyn! Grammie was trying out her new snowshoes and they sure are nice!

Daniel pulling Camdyn with Grammie following

Grammie pulling Camdyn

Daniel and Camdyn



Grammie, Amanda and Camdyn

Cam and Grampa


Daniel and Camdyn
Kevin and Steve

Colleen and Amanda
Kevin and Amanda