Thursday, May 19, 2011


I haven't blogged for so long I've almost forgotten how... so here goes...

In April we went to Rocky Point, Mexico with Nathan, Jennifer, Shelbi, Harlee, Dax and Trexton. Steve and Velda Wiltbank, (Jen's parents) and her two brothers, Ryan and Tristan joined the fun. I'd never been to Mexico and so this was all new to me. I was really nervous, considering all the news we receive concerning the violence in Mexico. Nate assured me that I'd be safe and sure enough all went well. We had a wonderful time, perfect weather and as you can see, an almost private beach. Thanks so much, Nate and Jen for inviting us. We sure all had a terrific time! And yes, I'd go again... soon!

Steve and Colleen

The Nicoll's

Shelbi, Dax, Trex and Harlee

Nathan, Shelbi, Dax, Trex, Harlee, Jen

Nate and Jen

Nate and Jen

The "OLD FOLKS" Stephen and Colleen, Velda and Steve

The Wiltbank's


Where's Ryan?

The "grandmothers" at sea.

This is the house all 12 of us stayed.

Dax and Trex



Dax and Trexton

Shelbi and Harlee

Grammie, Shelbi, Harlee, Dax and Trex

On the beach, searching for "creatures".

Nathan, Dax and Trex checking out the octopus.

Nathan found a baby octopus.


Nathan with a baby octopus.


Linde said...

GREAT pictures! I love them all. What a good looking family:)